March 6th, 2013
02:15 PM ET
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In a 113-year-old brick building in the industrial Brooklyn Navy Yard, five small metal stills are churning to make an urban version of America’s Native Spirit: bourbon made in Brooklyn.

King’s County Distillery is New York City’s first operating whiskey distillery since the end of Prohibition, the 13 years during which it was illegal to make or sell alcohol in the United States. Even though federal prohibition was repealed in 1933, many state laws remained on the books until 2002.

“We were the first distillery to take advantage of the new law,” Colin Spoelman, the founder of King’s County Distillery, said. The 33-year-old got his start making illegal moonshine in his apartment but in 2010 Spoelman turned the business to spearhead a wave of small-batch brewing of spirits in the Big Apple.

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July 7th, 2011
10:45 AM ET
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After opening its doors last year, Eataly has become Manhattan’s newest attraction for Italian food fanatics. However, the gleaming marketplace hasn’t left New York’s historic Little Italy district with empty tables. Both Italian pasta havens are known for serving up authentic Italian food, but the different dining experiences keeps the dough rolling for everyone.


January 4th, 2011
09:30 AM ET
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September 29th, 2010
09:15 AM ET
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Editor's note: all week, CNN Newsroom, Rick's List and Eatocracy are teaming up to take a look the effects our dining choices have on our minds, bodies and wallets. Tune into CNN Newsroom daily from 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. ET for on-air coverage and join in the discussion here on Eatocracy. ALL COVERAGE

A little while ago, we told you something was abloom 18 stories above the streets of Manhattan. That something included the likes of patty pan squash, green tomatoes, purple okra and chioggia beets - all grown on the rooftop of the Gramercy Park Hotel for the in-house restaurant, Maialino, to utilize on its menu a few floors down.

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