October 1st, 2013
11:21 AM ET
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Anthony Bourdain ran into hot water for his comments on a New Mexico store’s Frito pie recipe after the latest episode of his CNN show “Parts Unknown” aired on Sunday.

Comparing the mixture of chili, Fritos corn chips and cheese to a warm bag of poo, Bourdain said the concoction was made of “canned Hormel chili and dayglow orange cheese-like substance.”

Not true, says Five and Dime General Store Santa Fe manager Lorraine Chavez, who claims that she makes the chili fresh each day, according to CNN’s affiliate KRQE.

“It's a basic recipe,” she said. “It takes at least a good hour and a half.”

Her take on Bourdain’s insult: “My response was obviously, ‘He doesn’t know New Mexico chili.’”

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Water cooler etiquette, or the thirsty worker’s manifesto
May 8th, 2012
12:15 PM ET
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Melonyce McAfee is the brand new Senior Producer for CNN Living and she aims to make the break room a better place to be.

It’s time for some water cooler talk. No, not gossip about the Real Housewives or the latest office romance. We need to have a chat about the water cooler itself, and its fraught place in office life. It may seem like an innocuous source of refreshment, or a gathering spot to pass the time between tasks, but the water cooler can be a wellspring of workplace weirdness.

Confusing queues
We’ve all come upon the scene: There’s Dan, elbow cocked up on the butt of the water jug, chatting up Gina - a road block between you and the sweet nectar. So you wait, reluctant to intrude on their conversation but unsure when it will break up and you’ll be free to fill up your Nalgene. Awkward.

Lax jug replacement
Few things are more irritating to a parched person than hitting that blue lever with no results. Why, oh why, do our office mates feel justified in draining the last of the water into their Dixie cups but neglect to replace the empty jug?

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