CNN’s Political Team on Eatocracy
June 9th, 2011
07:57 PM ET
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You share your opinions with us every week in our comments and polls. Now it’s time to hear from CNN’s Political Team as they share the juiciest food stories from the campaign trail.

Wolf Blitzer, James Carville, Candy Crowley, John King, Mary Matalin and Soledad O’Brien share their own personal edible pleasures and those of politicos they’ve covered on the campaign trail. They also offer up a unique look at their culinary upbringing and traditions, from the dinner table to the roadside stand.

Keep up with our scrumptious series – we’ll be distributing digital delicacies from the Political Team throughout the upcoming election.

  • Trail Mix: Candidates' on-the-road eating habits from John McCain's Dots to Bill Clinton's coffee mishap
  • Wolf Blitzer's late night Oreo ritual and other tasty tales from the campaign trail
  • Herding Carvilles, John King's strange eating stance and Soledad consumes mass quantities
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