5@5 - Essential recipes for the home cook
October 19th, 2012
05:00 PM ET
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5@5 is a daily, food-related list from chefs, writers, political pundits, musicians, actors, and all manner of opinionated people from around the globe.

Editor's Note: James Oseland is the editor-in-chief of Saveur Magazine. The October issue is their 150th issue.

When we were putting together the list of 150 recipes that comprise our October issue, we were faced with a deceptively straightforward question: What is an essential recipe? What I've always said - and what was reaffirmed over and over again in the production of this issue - is that a classic recipe is one that that can completely withstand the test of time.

Classic recipes are also intensely representative of the place that they come from, something that these five recipes all particularly embody. But despite their strong sense of place, they're also versatile, dishes that would work on virtually any table. Plus, and this is perhaps the most important part, they're just friggin' delicious.

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Vegan blogger has beef with mag's meaty pix
April 16th, 2011
12:15 AM ET
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Many salivate over the mere image of a juicy hamburger or a glistening rack of ribs, but vegetarians aren't usually among them.

But apparently, that's what the readers of VegNews, the nation's leading vegan magazine, have been doing for years without their knowledge.

With the help of an anonymous reader tip, the author of the vegan blog, quarrygirl.com, accused VegNews of using food images of meat in its magazine and website and passing them off as meatless. The allegation prompted the San Francisco-based publication to confess that it had, "from time to time," used stock images that turned out not to be totally animal-free.

"The pictures we've been drooling over for years are actually of MEAT!" she charged.

Read Vegan magazine in a stew over meaty stock photos

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March 7th, 2011
07:15 PM ET
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The International Association of Culinary Professionals doesn't just award distinguished cookbooks; it also celebrates excellence in food journalism with the IACP Bert Greene Awards. Grab a snack and get clicking.

2011 Bert Greene Finalists

Culinary Writing about Beer, Wine, and/or Spirits

"Drinking in Islamabad"
Lawrence Osborne
Playboy Magazine

"Revolutionary Spirit"
David Wondrich
SAVEUR Magazine

"Divide & Conquer: Thanksgiving Wine Pairing Dish by Dish"
Patrick Comiskey


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5@5 - Bon Appétit editor-in-chief Barbara Fairchild
November 18th, 2010
05:00 PM ET
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5@5 is a daily, food-related list from chefs, writers, political pundits, musicians, actors, and all manner of opinionated people from around the globe.

Barbara Fairchild joined the team at Bon Appétit magazine in 1978 - and 22 years later, in 2000, she became the magazine's editor-in-chief. Now, after 32 years at Bon Appétit - serving the last ten at the helm - Barbara Fairchild is moving on.

That's not to say that more than three decades at a food magazine doesn't create some sweet memories along the way. She chronicles such in her new cookbook Bon Appétit Desserts: The Cookbook for All Things Sweet and Wonderful.

Join her on a sweet trip down memory lane, won't you?

My Five Favorite Dessert Memories During My 32 Years at Bon Appétit: Barbara Fairchild

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