January 7th, 2013
01:30 PM ET
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August 4th, 2011
10:45 AM ET
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iReport above courtesy of hluu410

A trip to Hong Kong is about extreme capitalism - or extreme dining.

A visitor is usually here to cut a deal or, better yet, cut through all the wheeling and dealing and devour a decent meal. Thankfully, you are spoiled for choice in the city.

Among my favorite local delights (and there are many!) is Hee Kee's spicy Typhoon Shelter crab, the long-celebrated egg tarts at Tai Cheong Bakery, and a scoop of "Hong Kong milk tea" gelato at XTC.


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Noodles worth the wait
December 10th, 2010
03:00 PM ET
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Meter Chen and Chandler Tang sell bowls of ramen at their restaurant, Butao. Their 12-seater hole-in-the-wall noodle joint opened in Central about a month ago and on any given day folk stand around patiently waiting for more than an hour for a bowl.

This is Hong Kong's ramen shop du jour. There are two main factors to their success: the product is good and the product is limited.

Chen and Tang only sell 200 bowls of noodles a day. Reservations are not available. After being introduced by popular food critic Michael Lam on a local TV show, Butao's business has boomed through word of mouth. The result is a daily queue outside Butao that snakes the length of grubby Wo On Lane.

The queue is as attractive as the ramen itself, such is Hong Kongers' penchant for lining up for things.

Read the rest of "Hong Kong's hottest hole-in-the-wall ramen shop" on CNNGo.

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Chili crab claws into Hong Kong food scene
October 11th, 2010
09:15 AM ET
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Wong Ching Tuen, the 49-year-old proprietor of Under Bridge Spicy Crab, can recall the days when the restaurant was just a dai pai dong under the Jaffe Road bypass.

"It is right at this corner 21 years ago," said Wong. "We had more than 20 big tables. You can imagine how massive and crowded it was."

In the past, foodies flocked to Causeway Bay for the delectable seafood that is caught, cooked and served in the neighborhood’s typhoon shelters and dai pai dongs. But as the government clamped down on street eateries, Wong moved his business to a small store in the area.

Fifteen years later, the humble greasy spoon has expanded to four branches in Hong Kong. Wong's restaurant, Under Bridge Spicy Crab, is one of our highly recommended picks for Hong Kong's best seafood in the CNNGo Best Eats 2010 selection.


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