The nitty-gritty on artificial sweeteners
July 15th, 2013
05:30 PM ET
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Full disclosure: A lot of journalists at CNN drink diet soda. So when we saw a new study suggesting that artificially sweetened beverages are just as bad for you as sugar-sweetened drinks, we, and our readers, bubbled over with questions.

Are artificial sweeteners used in soft drinks and foods safe? Will they make us fat? How much is too much?
Science doesn't have all the answers yet, but we spoke to researchers who had some clues.

Sharks deserve a fate better than soup
July 15th, 2013
11:45 AM ET
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Editor's note: Tara D. Sonenshine is the former under secretary of state for Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs. She received 10 News Emmy Awards in broadcast journalism. She is also the former vice president of United States Institute of Peace. Sonenshine served in various capacities at the White House during the Clinton administration.

As the summer ocean waves wash up onto America's beaches, we find ourselves thinking, nervously, about Steven Spielberg's "Jaws" and the paralyzing fear that sharks inspire in us. Yet, paradoxically, we celebrate global attempts to protect the declining number of sharks. The world has figured out we need these species, along with all creatures of the Earth, to maintain a delicately balanced ecosystem.

Sharks, in particular, are "in" these days. Thanks to good public policy and the power of public education and multimedia campaigns featuring stars such as Yao Ming, Jackie Chan and Ang Lee, killing sharks for shark fin soup is no longer cool.

Fans irked by Twinkies shrinkage
July 15th, 2013
10:30 AM ET
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Twinkies are back, but some fans are upset than they're smaller than they remember.

Hostess Brands, the new company that bought the rights and recipes to make Twinkies, says the iconic snack food is the same size as it was last November, when the previous manufacturer went out of business.

But the fans aren't mistaken – for much of 2012, and in earlier years, a box of 10 Twinkies weighed 15 ounces. The boxes on store shelves now weigh 13.58 ounces.

Summer's coolest wine
July 15th, 2013
08:00 AM ET
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Ray Isle (@islewine on Twitter) is Food & Wine's executive wine editor. We trust his every cork pop and decant – and the man can sniff out a bargain to boot. Take it away, Ray.

When the heat-haze is lying over the land and even the cheerful chipmunks in the park are sweating and swearing like dock workers, a simple question springs to mind: in the height of summer, what kind of lunatic would open a bottle of big, rich, oaky, high-alcohol Chardonnay when instead they could be drinking Vinho Verde?

I'm perplexed by Vinho Verde's lack of popularity pretty much all year, but my mystification reaches epic proportions during the height of summer. I don't think, for warm-weather wine drinking, there's really a better choice (equal, maybe, but not better).

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