July 31st, 2012
04:00 PM ET
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As the push for eating healthy becomes trendier, some people like OrganiX Food Lounge owner Je' Wesley Day urge cocktail drinkers to rethink their drink.

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First-class cuisine at 35,000 feet no longer pie in the sky
July 31st, 2012
12:00 PM ET
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Gourmet cuisine has long been a staple of business class and first-class menus. But a number of airlines are taking the in-flight meal to new heights by bringing chefs on board to serve up a fine dining experience in the sky - scooping up culinary awards in the process.

Etihad Airways has gone as far as to poach expert cooks from a number renowned Michelin-starred restaurants since launching its "Flying Chef" service on long haul flights late last year.

The concept has thus far proved a recipe for success, with the Abu Dhabi based airline winning the award for best first-class catering at the 2012 Skytrax World Airline Awards earlier this month.

But given the cramped kitchen conditions of the airplane galley and the complexities of cooking at altitude, is it really possible to rustle up meals worthy of the master chefs whilst cruising at 35,000 feet?

Read the full story - Flying chefs serve up fine dining in sky

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Crack open the wine - it's lobster time
July 31st, 2012
11:00 AM ET
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Ray Isle (@islewine on Twitter) is Food & Wine's executive wine editor. We trust his every cork pop and decant – and the man can sniff out a bargain to boot. Take it away, Ray.

Lately I’ve been thinking about lobster. Partly this is because I spend time every summer in Maine, and partly it's because of all the odd news reports about lobstermen hauling in more and more lobsters of unusual colors - orange, blue, white, calico, one color on one side, one on another, you name it.

Now, I don’t know of any studies yet about the taste of a blue lobster versus a calico one, but I do know that whenever you say “lobster” and “what wine?” people always say “oaky Chardonnay.” To that I say, "Hmm." If you have enough butter slathered on the lobster (shoot, if you have enough butter slathered on your shoe), an oaky wine may taste great. But in general, a white with a lot of new oak aging will overwhelm the flavors of shellfish, even lobster, which is fairly delicate. Here are a few other varieties to consider:

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Jump for jelly beans day
July 31st, 2012
09:00 AM ET
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While you're frying up some eggs and bacon, we're cooking up something else: a way to celebrate today's food holiday.

Jump for joy - July 31 is Jump for Jelly Beans Day!

While it’s not technically National Jelly Bean Day (that’s April 22), it is the day to celebrate enjoying jelly beans - by jumping!

Before you spring away from terra firm, you might need a little background here: Jelly beans are distant cousins of the Middle Eastern sweet Turkish delight, and the wedding reception favorite, the Jordan almond.

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