Superhero steaks for Dad
June 15th, 2012
05:00 PM ET
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Kate Krader (@kkrader on Twitter) is Food & Wine's restaurant editor. When she tells us where to find our culinary heart's desire, we listen up.

I’m not sure how your father rates 364 days out of the year, but on Father’s Day, he surely morphs into a superhero.

To befit someone of your dad’s status, there should be a celebratory Father’s Day dinner - and that dinner should probably include steak. Here are some places to celebrate:

No bull - what a farmer wants you to know about how beef gets to your plate
June 15th, 2012
01:15 PM ET
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Ryan Goodman is a generational rancher from Arkansas with a degree in Animal Science from Oklahoma State University in Animal Science, and is currently pursuing a Master’s degree at the University of Tennessee, studying beef cattle management. He is one of many farmers utilizing social media to bridge the gap between farmers and urban customers. Follow his story daily at or follow on Twitter (@AR_ranchhand) and Facebook.

How does our beef travel from pasture to plate? Can you describe this process from the time a calf is born to the moment your knife slices a steak?

In this country, we are blessed with a great group of farmers who care for their animals and a food safety system to ensure things work properly. There are farmers who do things various ways for good reasons for both their customers and their farms. A good balance of science and communication can go a long way in sustaining this process.

Box lunch: Inky 'ick' factor and World Day Against Child Labor
June 15th, 2012
12:00 PM ET
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Sink your teeth into this week's top stories from around the globe.

  • A dish of parboiled squid inseminated a 63-year-old Korean woman's tongue, cheek and gums. ...Did we say we'd have the calamari? Actually, make that a salad. - io9

  • Yelp will feed its online reviews to Microsoft's Bing to try and take a bite out of Zagat's partnership with Google. - Bloomberg Businessweek

  • American restaurant chains look to the Middle East for growth. - NRN


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Gag order lifted on 9-year-old school lunch blogger
June 15th, 2012
11:00 AM ET
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It started as a fun writing project - 9-year-old Martha Payne decided to blog each day about lunch at her school in Scotland, rating and photographing each meal.

Six weeks and more than 3 million page views later, her "NeverSeconds" blog has become an Internet sensation and provoked a minor political controversy.

The local government body - the Argyll and Bute Council - banned her from taking pictures in the dining hall, citing "the unwarranted attacks on its schools catering service which culminated in national press headlines which have led catering staff to fear for their jobs."

Its leader backtracked Friday in an interview with BBC radio.

Read the full story: Storm in a teacup over girl's school dinner blog

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