A compendium of grilling awesomeness
September 5th, 2011
10:00 AM ET
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Some people maintain that Labor Day officially marks the end of grilling season. Those people, for the most part, are wrong. Some folks maintain the flame in snowdrifts up to their thighs. Others are hauling out the hibachi for the first time this season because it's finally cool enough to cook outside without wilting like a hothouse gardenia.

So what we're saying is, so long as our spatula isn't actively frozen or melted to our hands, and monsoon spray does not prevent us from lighting a charcoal chimney, we're going to be outdoors, putting flame to food. Why don't you just come along and join us?

Catch up on the rest of our great cookout and picnic tips below, and if you run into a sticky grilling situation - we're here to help. Share your burning questions in the comments or Tweet us @eatocracy and we'll have your festivities back on track in no time.

Achieve Grilling Greatness

- Grate balls of fire? Not on our watch.

- Help! My neighbors stink at grilling!

- C'mon baby, light my fire – just don't skimp on the flavor

- Up your grilling game

- Red hot grilling tips from Eatocracy readers

- 5 grilling mistakes – and how to fix them

- Why girls should grill

Monumental Meat

- Burgers – a step-by-step guide

- Five tips for hot dog success

- Best. Burgers. EVER and Best. Cheeseburger. EVER

- Whole hog BBQ - the Mount Everest of Meat

- Lobster roll 101

- What every carnivore should know

- Big, bad burgers from around the country

Stellar Sides

- Best potato salad we've ever had

- How to grill corn

- All about cole slaw

- Ultimate grilled okra

- The only salad that matters right now

The Art of Outdoor Dining

- Make your tailgate a touchdown

- 5 picnic no-nos

- How to use grilling leftovers

- Bring your indoor favorite to the great outdoors

- Make a Mexican-inspired outdoor feast

- Bring your indoor favorites to the great outdoors

Divine Drinks

- Make perfect lemonade

- Best burger-friendly wines

- The right wine for that burger you're eating

- Wine + BBQ = Heaven

- Chill out with wine

- Drink this with summer seafood

And feast on the results of The Picnic Poll to find out what your fellow chefs like for a main dish and drink, burger topping, side dish and dessert.

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  1. MamaPeggy

    Kick that up a notch and make it Greek Burgers, with yogurt spread and hummus! Here's a good example:


    November 13, 2011 at 10:01 pm |

    Not a slider fan .

    September 25, 2011 at 11:40 am |
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