March 21st, 2011
11:45 AM ET
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We get food crushes sometimes. It might be a chef whose stracciatella makes our hearts sing (that'd be you, Missy Robbins), a winemaker with a barrel-sized brain and wit to match (cheers, Randall Graham), or a writer out of whom we'd just like to hug the stuffing (we're coming for you, Francis Lam).

This go 'round is Addie Broyles, food writer for the Austin-American Statesman. We had a chance to swing into her orbit during our trip to Austin for our SXSW-centric Secret Supper, and while we'd long been impressed by her mastery of the Austin food scene (the Austin Chronicle named her the city's top "food celebrity") and feminist take on food culture, one more thing quickly became evident.

Broyles quietly, kindly galvanizes the food community in Austin, from bloggers (she co-founded the Austin Food Blogger Alliance) and farmers to chefs and civilian food fans. Together with producers Sean Cunningham and Rob Marley, she's created a show that exemplified just that.

In the proposed first season of The Austin Super Club, Broyles will pedal from food trailers and BBQ pits to chicken coops to the epicenter of local fine dining and explore the convergence of people, products and places that makes Austin such a special place to eat.

Take a peek at the trailer above and if you like what you see, help the folks in charge find some sponsors so that the show might go on, why don'tcha? We could all stand to have more passionate food folks like Addie on the air.

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