January 21st, 2011
10:30 AM ET
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Amy Chua's parenting memoir, 'Battle Hymn of a Tiger Mother' delves into the extreme measures she and some other Asian parents take to ensure their children's success later in life. In the book, Chua asserts that American parents allow too many luxuries and distractions to the path of progress, and outlines in unflinching detail the rigors she imposed on her own children's study, music practice and even birthday card making.

While seemingly much of this effort is geared toward producing doctors and lawyers, sometimes the best laid plans can take a slight turn. Eddie Huang, who famously published his mother's e-mail rebuke after he received a zero-star review of his restaurant in the New York Times, indeed earned that law degree. Then he chucked it all and opened a restaurant - for which he both credits and (lovingly) blames his parents.

Previously - Eddie Huang and his mother on Asian American identity and lessons learned from a bad review

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