Get your Philly cheesesteak on - in Bahrain
December 9th, 2010
07:15 PM ET
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Nothing says Philly grub more than the cheesesteak. And now they’ll be available in the Middle East – Bahrain to be exact.

The Philly cheesesteak has been around the City of Brotherly Love for some 80 years. Tony Luke’s, the iconic Philadelphia sandwich shop on the city’s South Side, is celebrating its touching down in Riffa with a grand opening on Dec. 12.

More locations are expected to open over the next few months in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. The opening in Bahrain is the first of 60 cheesesteak shops planned for the Middle East and North Africa — all indoors, and all halal.

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5@5 - Chef Danny Trace
December 9th, 2010
05:00 PM ET
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5@5 is a daily, food-related list from chefs, writers, political pundits, musicians, actors, and all manner of opinionated people from around the globe.

As a Louisiana native, Danny Trace has spent many a moon on the outskirts of the Big Easy hunting, fishing, crabbing, and crawfishing.

Turning the catch du jour into the plat du jour positively enthralled a young Trace, and he turned that fascination into his adult profession - which has taken him from the kitchen of the famed Commander’s Palace to the executive chef post at Brennan’s of Houston.

Just as a recent study by Johns Hopkins University found, Trace believes food downright tastes better when you have to work for it.

Five Reasons You Should Get Hands-On With Your Food: Danny Trace

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December 9th, 2010
04:45 PM ET
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We used to go and pound a few brewskis with this dude named Moose, but this is a bit more extreme.

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A wine awakening – part three
December 9th, 2010
01:45 PM ET
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Donna Huntley had never had a sip of wine in her life – until she found out that her birth grandmother had owned a vineyard. Now she's on a mission to get in touch with her roots, via vino. Read previous Wine Awakenings installment here.

Good Morning Wine Child. Up and at ‘em, you have much to do. There is a week ahead of you, a great-grandmother to find, a new world to discover, and new wines to taste.

The first order of business is to thank the numerous readers who shared wonderful ideas on how to make the best of my wine journey. Many of them I have tried – or will try – in the coming months. I bought “The Wine Bible” to complement my “Wine for Dummies” and have made note of the “dry to sweet, white to red” rule for tasting.

I have begun to save the corks and labels for future framing to commemorate the journey and have located the several wine houses within the city and surrounding areas. I am making plans to visit a vineyard or two or five…ROADTRIP!

Another idea, (which was either genius or way off the wall) was to create a color wheel. I wanted to describe the color of the wines so readers could enjoy it visually with me as well as aromatically and tastefully. To give an idea of what I am seeing, I went to various home improvement stores and picked up color swatches. This way if I compared the color of a wine to the "Yellow Springs C22-4” shade of the “Dutch Boy" collection, (a very pale beige-yellow) you can actually see what I am seeing. While several of my servers, bartenders, and others seemed to like the idea, I would like to get our readers’ opinions.

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Lunchtime poll - breakfast correctness
December 9th, 2010
12:15 PM ET
Share this on:'mon in and grab a chair. No, really, you should be sitting down when we tell you this because the information may be a bit disturbing to some of our more sensitive readers.

We've been trying to think of a gentle way to tell you this, but there's no easy way. We're just going to come out and say it.

Sometimes, when a person is very, very...hungry, and they've....they've...just woken up (oh gosh, oh gosh...deep breath...), they gnocchi for breakfast. Or gazpacho. Or, heaven forfend, foods that are not specifically designated as "breakfast" fare.

We know, we know - it's a lot to take in... Okay, no it's not, but judging from the level of shock and outrage exhibited by some of the cheftestants in last night's Top Chef All-Stars breakfast making challenge, if you're not gobbling down bacon, eggs and oatmeal in the A.M., you might as well be munching on puppy sashimi and koala gumbo.

For the record – breakfast for half of Team Eatocracy this morning was cold, four-cheese pizza with coffee. That's only because she ran out of anchovies and Diet Coke.

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