Blogger Spotlight: She's Fried
August 23rd, 2010
02:30 PM ET
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Every so often, we're highlighting a local or regional blogger we think you ought to know about. We can’t be everywhere at once, so we look to these passionate eaters, cooks and writers to keep us tapped into every facet of the food world. Consider this a way to get to know a blog’s taste buds, because, well, you should. Note: Today's featured blogger is a friend and former colleague of our managing editor.

Meet today's featured blogger and blog:
Who: Dori Fern, of She's Fried
Where: Brooklyn, New York
Twitter: @DoriFern

I grew up in the Bronx, in the 1970s and '80s, when vegetables came from a can or the freezer and families frequented McDonald’s or Burger King and rooted for either the Yanks or Mets. Mine was a Burger King/Mets clan, at least until my father declared that if the Mets weren’t going to invest in their team that he wouldn’t either. I was always a bit of a fancy-pants when it came to eating, eschewing fast foods and all meat besides chicken for most of my teenage years. This was my version of picky eating. And vegetarianism.

My high school years were defined by the same food issues as a gazillion other girls (e.g., Diet Coke and an apple for lunch; three pounds of chocolate chip cookies for a snack). Then, at 18, I had A Moment. I walked out of school and onto the streets of midtown Manhattan, looked up at the tops of tall buildings and - as if the skyscrapers were confidantes - promised that I would never diet again. I would embrace my love for food and it would be good.

That whole story really has nothing directly to do with my blog, She’s Fried, but it does set the stage for my longstanding, intimate relationship with food.  If I were starting my career now, in the "Age of Top Iron Chef," I would likely have discovered my calling sooner.  Instead it took me a while to get where I am: food editor and writer, digital content manager and now, culinary school student and blogger. Before that, I spent almost my entire thirties at home raising my kids, who are now 14 and almost 10 years old.  I was married then. Now, I’m not. This was before blogging.

The decision to enroll in the professional culinary arts program at the Institute of Culinary Education was one I had considered for years.  There were lots of compelling reasons not to, but I ignored all of them. Sometimes you just got to make a move.

And so I did, four months ago, in May of this year. I go to school Wednesday and Thursday evenings and all day Saturday. That’s 16 hours on top of my forty-plus hour weekday job and parenting duties. As if that weren’t enough, I started She’s Fried to document the whole tawdry business: the injuries, the interpersonal conflict, deep thoughts and, oh yeah, the cooking.  And eating.

I wasn’t planning on telling too many people about my little side blog project. I haven’t had any time to make the thing look especially good - to get a logo or design or anything. I take pictures with my iPhone. No one will be tempted to lick the screen. Trust me. But what it lacks in pretty, I hope it makes up for in good humor and a dash of inspiration.

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