July 19th, 2010
05:15 PM ET
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"Everyone in this thread: This is not hard. Go to your local store in the frozen section. You should see: lima beans, baby lima beans. PICK THE LATTER. Trust me on this. Always choose baby lima beans. Now take them home.

"Put the beans in a pot and add water to cover by about an inch. If you are making the average-sized bag, take a third of a stick of REAL butter and add it to the pot. For more beans, use your best judgment about more butter. Turn the heat on to high, and add about 1tsp of salt (2tsp if using unsalted butter). Once the butter is melted and the water is boiling, turn it down as low as you can get it without turning it off, and leave it for at least an hour. Come back and stir every so often, adding more water if you find a good bit of it has evaporated. When the beans are quite tender, use a slotted spoon to transfer them to a bowl and eat as much as you like."

"This ought to get you started on your lima bean journey. As for Brussels sprouts, just get them young and tender and steam, then serve with plenty of garlic lemon butter." - attagirl

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5@5 - Chef Brian Malarkey
July 19th, 2010
05:00 PM ET
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5@5 is a daily, food-related list from chefs, writers, political pundits, musicians, actors, and all manner of opinionated people from around the globe.

You may recognize the gentleman above as the the high-energy, fedora-sporting chef from Season 3 of Bravo’s ever-popular “Top Chef" series,  where Brian Malarkey ultimately advanced to the finale.

After holding several positions under French chef Michel Richard and earning more than 60 industry awards as Executive Chef at San Diego's The Oceanaire, Malarkey will open up his very first restaurant, Searsucker, in San Diego, California, this summer.

But before all this chef business, Malarkey was a boy on a horse ranch in Bend, Oregon, spending summers on the coast and time in the kitchen with his grandmother - where she was often joined by her old friend, James Beard (who, might we add, is a good friend to have).

In the spirit of this childhood, Malarkey shares what ingredients taught him to love food.

Top 5 Most Inspiring Foods: Brian Malarkey


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Blogger Spotlight: A Mindful Carnivore
July 19th, 2010
02:30 PM ET
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Every weekday, we're highlighting a blogger we think you ought to know about. We can’t be everywhere at once, so we look to these passionate eaters, cooks and writers to keep us tapped into every facet of the food world. Consider this a way to get to know a blog’s taste buds, because, well, you should.

Meet today's featured blogger and blog:
Who: Tovar Cerulli, of A Mindful Carnivore
Where: Marshfield, Vermont
Twitter: @TovarCerulli


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