July 13th, 2010
05:30 PM ET
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"Nutella with sliced banana rolled up [in] a fresh warm Crepe. Holy burrito Batman!"
- commenter JJ

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5@5 - Food Writer Kim O'Donnel
July 13th, 2010
05:00 PM ET
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5@5 is a daily, food-related list from chefs, writers, political pundits, musicians, actors, and all manner of opinionated people from around the globe.

Formerly of the "Mighty Appetite" column at the Washington Post, Kim O'Donnel is a trained chef and veteran food journalist.

Her first book (set to be released September 14), "The Meat Lover's Meatless Cookbook," follows in the footsteps of her über-popular "Meatless Monday" posts during her tenure at the Post.

Should you not know: Meatless Monday is an increasingly popular movement in which otherwise omnivorous eaters cut out meat one day a week for health and environmental reasons.

(The whole concept might seem rather timely given the whole vegan/vegetarian/ethical slaughter debate Eatocracy had going on here yesterday...)

But, whether a carnivorous consumer or plant-nosher, O'Donnel simply wants you to take back the kitchen and get cookin'.

Five Ways to Get Your Cooking Groove Back: Kim O'Donnel


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PB&J and me
July 13th, 2010
03:00 PM ET
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Devna Shukla is a Production Assistant for CNN's AC360°

Okay, I admit it. I'm not a so-called "foodie." I often have to Google terms such as "eau de vie" and "varak" while watching cooking shows. I'd rather have French fries over foie gras and a bowl of cereal over ceviche.

Moving from Los Angeles to New York last year, I thought I might have a shot at becoming a real foodie. With some of the best restaurants in the world easily accessible, I was excited to explore the culinary and culture world that is New York dining.

Sadly, my quest took a sharp detour. After having lunch at one of the most esteemed restaurants in New York, I found myself extremely sick and plagued by stomach issues. Through all the missed eating opportunities and doctors visits, I’ve found a newfound appreciation for an American classic: the peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

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