June 23rd, 2010
02:30 PM ET
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Every weekday, we're highlighting a local or regional blogger we think you ought to know about. We can’t be everywhere at once, so we look to these passionate eaters, cooks and writers to keep us tapped into every facet of the food world. Consider this a way to get to know a blog’s taste buds, because, well, you should.

Meet today's featured bloggers and blog:
Who: Jennifer Zyman, of Blissful Glutton
Where: Atlanta, Georgia
Twitter: @blissfulglutton

I was born in Rio de Janeiro to Mexican-born parents — who are both avid travelers and food lovers. I spent most of my formative years in Atlanta and graduated from Emory University and California Culinary Academy in San Francisco. After graduating from culinary school, I worked as a cook in San Francisco, but quickly realized the schedule did not give me the balance I craved. The life of a cook is quite possibly one of the most demanding jobs and the pay does not even begin to compensate you for what you give of yourself. I have nothing but respect for the men and women who toil away in the kitchens of the world in the name of good food. I wish I had what it takes.

After 4 years in San Francisco, I decided to return to Atlanta because the cost of living was way too high and subsequently started “The Blissful Glutton,” where I document my culinary experiences in Atlanta and beyond with reviews and photos — mostly at the prompting of family and friends who were sick of me talking about food all the time.

This site is a labor of food love. My aim is to let my readers know about good (and bad) food here in Atlanta and around the world

Do you read a local blog that you'd like to see featured? Send 'em our way for a chance in the spotlight.

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  1. Amy

    http://www.dinnercakes.com/ – a cooking blog with beautiful accompanying photos, written by my friend, Edwin and his friend Heather

    June 24, 2010 at 7:05 am |
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