Fast food treat is shrinking
April 19th, 2010
02:29 PM ET
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Fast-food restaurants that have long catered to the hungry patron with super-sized entrees are now targeting the nibbler, offering smaller, snack-sized portions.

Dairy Queen is the latest eatery to shrink a popular menu item. In late July, it plans to roll out a 7-ounce Mini Blizzard, 5 ounces tinier than its current "small" frozen treat.

"Our customers really wanted it," said Dean Peters, International Dairy Queen's associate vice president of communications.

"They really requested a smaller-portion size of our blizzard - smaller appetites. We also felt there was an opportunity there with a smaller size Blizzard - which is our signature product - to perhaps bundle it with a combo meal or a food meal, as well."

Dairy Queen isn't the only big-name restaurant shrinking menu items. Last February, Burger King introduced a line of mini-burgers called "BK Burger Shots." Executives at the time touted that while the product "might look small ... they are full of the big, flame-broiled taste."

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